As a trained supervisor I aim to facilitate your development and practice by increasing awareness, knowledge and expertise.  I offer a safe, supportive, confidential and reflective environment where you can explore the dynamics of your therapeutic work with clients.  I consider supervision to be an opportunity for us to work together to explore and support your practice, to offer you professional supportive feedback, validation and insight

The process of supervision includes:
  • Focus on our supervisiory process as a parallel to the therapy process.
  • Reflection on the content of therapy sessions.
  • Exploration of strategies and interventions used by you.
  • Focus on both your and mine counter-transference.
  • Exploration of the therapy dynamics and therapeutic relationship.Focus on the wider context such as the organisation you are working in.
Why is supervision needed?
Supervision is a professional requirement for counsellors . It is required to protect clients and provide space for counsellors to reflect on their practice.

I offer face to face supervision of 1.5 hours per month or more regular hour long sessions depending on your case load.