Hypnotic trance is a very naturally occurring state that we all go into from time to time, a bit like day dreaming.  While we are in this 'altered state' we are highly relaxed and susceptible to suggestions, our attention is turned inward and our openness to new ideas is heightened.  This means that direct or indirect suggestions can be made to the unconscious mind which we may accept.  These suggestions might then help with problems we have or they might enable us to cope better with those problems.

Hypnotherapy can help with many problems such as increasing self-esteem, developing self confidence, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, working through fears and phobias, better relaxation, improving IBS symptoms, and much more.

One big fear about hypnosis is that we may be controlled or made to do things we don't want to.  This worry has been mainly generated by stage hypnotist acts which we have all seen.  Clinical hypnosis is not a stage act and throughout the entire process you have the power to choose what suggestions you take in or reject and how deeply into trance you go.

The number of sessions is tailored to your particular needs.  You may require one session or you may require several, everyone is different.