Longer Term Counselling

Longer term counselling may suit you better if you want to take a longer time to work through and understand long standing issues. Issues could be things like:
  • Feeling unable to move on 
  • Feeling miserable and are not sure why
  • Long standing issues you feel you have with your parents or other significant people in your life
  • Traumatic experience or violence in your past
  • Sexual abuse and its possible long term effects
  • Unresolved issues from the past
  • Personal development and growth work
  • Long standing low confidence and self- esteem
  • Grief and loss
  • Desire to be different
  • Anxiety and panic
  • Needing long term support
It can help you by exploring how your past experiences might have shaped and influenced your thinking. This can be in regard to both your present relationships and in your relationship with yourself. It also explores the unconscious process and relationships that evolved in childhood that may be influencing thoughts and decisions in your current life without you realising.

Knowing about the unconscious can enable you to feel that you know and understand yourself more fully. In longer term counselling we would work towards developing greater awareness of early patterns of behaviour allowing you to experience a greater sense of personal authority and well-being in the ‘here and now’. This often can have the feeling that there is a sense of more choices being open to you.