Relationship Counselling

Consider relationship counselling when:-
  • Separation or divorce seems like the only option 
  • There has been a betrayal of trust; Affair, Debt or Secret
  • Talking causes confusion or unbearable anger and arguments are escalating, circular or distressing
  • There is a loss of intimacy or desire
  • There is a sense of something missing
  • Professional life is having a negative impact on your relationship.
  • You might feel badly treated by your partner
  • Destructive relationship patterns are being repeated
  • When there are commitment difficulties
  • Important decisions and turning points are happening
  • You may be struggling as a couple to deal with life stages
Couples counselling can help you to identify the roots of your difficulties, Make your situation clearer and help you to work out changes you might make. The aim is to facilitate the development of realistic, practical solutions. It also works towards enabling both partners in the relationship to begin thinking about their relationship with empathy and to gain insight into their own and their partners experience, feelings and behaviour.