What Can Counselling Offer Me?

Many of us have times in our lives when we would like things to be different. We may:
  • Feel sad, anxious, stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed
  • Feel dissatisfied with our work or relationships
  • Want to come to terms with a loss or with past experiences
  • Want to develop our strengths, contribute more to our communities, or find more meaning and purpose in our lives
Whatever it is we want to be different, counselling may be able to help. Counselling can be brief 6-8 sessions or it may be open ended and longer term depending on your need.

Working with a counsellor:
  • Gives you a safe and confidential environment to talk through complex or difficult issues
  • Helps you to see your situation from a fresh perspective
  • Develops a better understanding of your experiences
  • Builds your confidenceEnables you to cope better or deal with your situation in a more informed way
  • Helps you make sense of what is happening for you (or you and your partner) and a chance to think about what you can do better
Generally a counselling session would involve:
  • Talking through an issue in order to understand things better
  • Making sense of a specific problem
  • Problem solving, planning, and decision making
  • Changing behaviour
  • Negotiating a life transition or developmental crisis
  • Dealing with difficult feelings and emotions
  • Finding, analysing and acting on information
  • Undoing self-criticism and enhancing self-care
  • Dealing with difficult or painful relationships
What we talk about in counselling is confidential unless you disclose to me information that leads me to believe you are a danger to yourself or others. In this case I would aim to discuss issues with you in the counselling before taking any action. My work is regularly supervised.

Typical issues might be:
Depression, Trauma, Low confidence and self-esteem, Work related issues, Bereavement, Negative thinking, Divorce, Affairs, Step family issues, Managing teenagers, Stress, Abortion, Relationship problems, Sexuality, Dealing with children and teenagers, Intimacy difficulties, Unhappiness, Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, illness, Leaving home, Living together, Getting married, Becoming parents, Dealing with toddlers or teenagers, Job changes, Relationship changes, Children leaving home, Retirement, Dealing with dependent parents, Growing older, Illness, Loss of partner, Separation or divorce, A new life alone or with a new partner and step family and many other Psychological and Emotional issues.